``Because small businesses need a voice too``.

Debt collection is one of the oldest professions in history. The business model to operate was never sophisticated, in fact it’s always been quite simple.

But in the last twenty years, as global participants in and around the credit & receivables management industry have modified the market, it’s become one of the most competitive & heavily regulated industries in the world.

Globally, there are more codes and industry requirements to know & follow to simply comply as a local – let alone global – operator.

“Small-medium operators are fighting out of their weight class against heavily backed competitors and over-regulated market authorities.”

The increasing complexity and cost of managing governance, risk & compliance has made the cost of keep up for small-mid tier, hard working operators too great.

What makes matters worse? In many ways major agencies working with international regulators have created a shared monopoly that protects their market share and stifles innovation.

We’re now in a collections market where compliance is too costly to obtain, hard to understand and impossible to compete for a small-medium operator.

In the digital era, it’s never been more difficult to thrive in credit & collections.

BUT, the accelerating pace of technology change and rapid cycles of disruption are increasingly challenging historically bulletproof business models.

We must remember, it’s not the customer need that changes, rather, it’s how customers choose to satisfy that need, that creates market disruption (ie; Taxis and Uber).

Businesses like Uber create platforms & leverage technology to find new ways to connect people that challenges traditional markets. As the market shifts, so does the revenue.

Debt collection is no different. Businesses of all sizes have the potential to harness technology and GCS Credit Community members in over 100 countries, to level the playing-field and allow credit & collection agencies to compete for global revenues.

Among other things, GCS is a global challenger fighting for SMB’s in and around international receivables management.

GCS has created a community designed to level the playing field by:

  1. Making global accreditation more accessible for SMB’s;

  2. Reducing the complexity of compliance from market to market; and

  3. Creating a global community for businesses of all size and type to collaborate with and compete on the world stage.

Now, you don’t have to be a big player to have a fighting chance.

To see what Premium Membership is all about, and decide if its right for you take a look… here

GCS welcomes you to join the 2019 world conference. Stay tuned for further information.