One of the biggest problems businesses have is when customers do not pay their debts. Collecting debts is a large part of running a business and can be quite complicated, particularly if the person has left the country or really doesn’t want to be found. If your collection letters and phone calls are falling upon deaf ears then it is probably time to turn to professional help. Global Credit Solutions offers a number of skip tracing services that will help ensure that your debts are paid. This is crucial part of any business, as steady cash flow is necessary for efficient operations.


GCS believes that skip tracing is a big part of the debt recovery process, after all, if you don’t know where the person is located, it is very difficult to collect a payment from them. Skip tracing is used by debt collectors as a way to find a person that has a bad debt that they are trying to avoid paying. Skip tracing is also used when a person has become difficult or impossible to contact, which is generally true of anyone that moves around a lot or who has left the country. A customer’s mail may sometimes be returned or their phone number has become disconnected. Luckily GCS has a number of effective ways to locate someone that doesn’t want to be found.


GCS has a professional and dedicated skip tracing team that uses a broad range of information such as employment information, date of birth, vehicle and driving license and spouse information to trace a person that has a bad debt. We will also use telephone books, public records, motor vehicle records, old addresses and any other information at our disposal in our strategy of locating a person.


GCS will verify and follow up on any information or data that is found as a result of skip tracing. Although computerized records are extremely useful when tracking a person, they often have information that is out of date or inaccurate. GCS has a team of experienced international investigators that have the resources and expertise to tell the difference between good leads and those that are inaccurate. They can quickly separate the good information from the bad when completing an analysis of how to find a person.


Global Credit Solutions has made the process even easier by offering our customers a wide mix of skip tracing payment options. You can choose to pay a flat fee that rises or reduces based on our success, with a higher rate being paid if the case is successful and a lower or even disregarded fee if we are unable to find the person. We can even work on an agreed upon hourly rate if it better suits your budget. GCS is more than happy to negotiate terms for payment for our skip tracing services.


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