Tracking down delinquent customers and other debtors is a complicated but important part of doing business. Most businesses cannot afford to simply lose out on the money they are owed, as steady cash flow is a crucial part of keeping your operations running efficiently. Most businesses do not have the time, money or other resources necessary to track down customers and debtors. Global Credit Services are experts in finding debtors and offer a wide array of debtor location services that will ensure that your debtors are found and made to pay.


Our host of debtor/creditor location services covers all debtor types, so just about any business from small shops to large corporations can benefit from our debtor location services. When GCS is tracing customers and debtors we utilise every tool at our disposal such as public database information, property records and credit reports, commonly known as “skip tracing.” This can often be a complicated process, which is why you should leave the customer and debtor tracing to GCS. This will allow your business to focus on the things that are most important.


Even though finding customers and debtors can be complex we do not believe in taking shortcuts or cutting corners. Our Debtor Location Services (DLS) will use all available resources within legal, cultural and ethical boundaries when we are tracing your debtors.


We at GCS believe that our results speak for themselves, as we have a very successful ratio of locating customers and debtors. GCS are experts in locating hard to find debtors and will use all of the comprehensive household and business databases available. Our unique search capabilities ensure that we always find the most up to date and relevant information about your customers and debtors.


These methods put GCS far ahead of the competition when it comes to customer and debtor location services. Locating your debtors is a crucial part of doing business, as it ensures that your company always has the cash flow necessary to keep operating efficiently. Many businesses just accept that they have to count unpaid debts as losses, but this is not the case with GCS debtor location services. Instead of just eating losses from unpaid debts, you will be able to locate the people that owe you money and ensure that they pay it.


Tracking debtors becomes even more complicated when you are dealing with people in other countries. We have offices in 90 different countries around the world, which means we have the international team of investigators already in place to handle all of the jurisdictional, cultural and legal issues that could arise. GCS will take on the hassle of tracking down your debtors so you do not have to waste valuable resources.


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