Global Credit Services has a multitude of solutions that can help manage the risk of doing business. One of our most important services is asset-tracing investigation, which can help locate and recover your important and valuable assets. Most businesses cannot afford to simply flush money down the drain by losing assets or not having debts paid. However, tracing assets can be an extremely complicated process that most businesses do not have the time or resources to do themselves. GCS has a team of international investigators that operate all over the world and can help trace and recover your assets no matter where they are.


GCS has built an extensive specialization and expertise in global asset tracing. This expertise was built over many years of conducting successful asset tracing investigations in both the public and private sectors. This expertise is extremely valuable, as it allows us to trace and recover assets all over the world so that you don’t have to waste valuable time and resources. This leaves your business free to focus on its more important operations.


We at GCS believe that tracing assets should not be used as the first stop, but only when all other options have been reasonably exhausted. Once other methods and options have been tried, GCS will use our expertise and practices to maximize recovery and reduce your losses. We will work with our clients and their customers to find a solution that will preserve your revenue stream and ensure your cash flow is steady.


Once we deem it necessary to start tracing assets our dedicated and professional Asset Tracing Investigation (ATI) division will turn to its extensive network of contacts and associates to start gathering information. We understand that there are many jurisdictions that are secretive, as well as offshore accounts where people traditionally hide funds and assets. This can make the process even more complicated. GCS has expert consultants that are well placed and able to negotiate the complexities of asset tracing investigations.


Our expertise in tracing and recovery assets will help you to realize the maximum possible value of an asset. We will locate and recover your assets in the most quick and efficient manner possible so that they can be remarketed to gain maximum value. Instead of eating the cost of a lost asset or spending inordinate amounts of time, money and resources tracing them, your business can turn these operations over to GCS. We have the international investigators and resources necessary to trace and recover your assets quickly and efficiently.


If you have any questions about our asset tracing investigation services or any other of our risk management solutions do no hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we’ll be happy to answer them. If you would like a free quote, simply click on the “Request a free quote today” button at the bottom of the page. GCS can offer a range of asset recovery solutions that will ensure that your business will maximize the recovery of assets while reducing losses.


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