Unpaid debts and missing customers / debtors in an accounts receivable ledger reduces cash flow, putting stress on operating efficiencies. This is particularly true of debts where the customer / debtor may be overseas. Tracking international debts requires a unique skill-set and global understanding. Here is some more information about the tracing services offered by GCS:

GCS has built extensive resources and networks to trace assets on a global level. GCS ATI (Asset Tracing Investigations) use a large number of consultants with extensive resources, contacts and associates. These experts are well trained to negotiate the complexities of asset-tracing investigations, to track and recovery assets quickly and efficiently.

GCS location services work within the legal and ethical boundaries to trace customers and debtors around the world. GCS use public database information, property records and credit information to locate customers or debtors that may be uncontactable.


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