There is no substitute for local knowledge


Founded in Australia in the 1970’s, GCS Credit is today a leading authority on international credit & collection standards. With an international network of compliant credit & collection members in over 100 countries, GCS facilitates their global expertise and resources to protect businesses from financial risk.

Collecting and litigating overseas presents many challenges. Differing statutory laws and regulations around the world make it difficult to manage risk efficiently from a single location. Enter GCS Credit.

GCS members understand the legal requirements, culture & local customs required to maximise high highest possible recovery ratios when collecting debt domestically, regionally or globally. GCS members act on clients’ behalf in a professional, knowledgeable and firm manner to provide a comprehensive suite of receivables management services.

GCS members can assist to local and overseas receivables for clients with ongoing requirements. All clients’ customers are dealt with sensitivity and the need to develop a win-win ethos. Based on the circumstances, members will decide the best approach with clients so as to maintain an amicable working relationship.

GCS continues to invest heavily in information & communication technology catering to local and international requirements, having developed the ‘Global Case Management System’. The GCMS is an innovative and efficient cloud based system, providing an automated environment to manage organizational work-flows, day-to-day activities and access real-time information. Users can assign cases, add notes, view updates & account statements, generate reports and communicate with other users 24/7.