The GCS story is one of a family business that spans 2 generations, and a company culture built around professionalism, accountability and personality.

The official launch of the GCS Credit Community in Singapore (6th November 2016) was the evolution and embodiment of the dream that Neil Wood had all those years ago…

To unite a global village of like minded business men and women, to exchange ideas, experience and business.

With bold, international ambitions, 40 years ago Neil started travelling the world and forging relationships, with most who I’m proud to say have remained life long friends.

With shallow pockets, a clear vision, motivation in spades… and a way with words like very few others, he did something no one before him ever had.

Before the internet and social media… Neil built a global network of industry peers and colleagues, united under a common cause…. and brand. Back then it was called TCM Group.

Later however, not satisfied with the status quo…, and still yet to fulfill his original vision…, along came the GCS Group…, and the GCMS… The Global Case Management System…  a one of a kind tech platform, never before seen.

Taking credit and collections to new heights, Global Credit Solutions…, and Neil Wood, again pioneered international collaboration and business exchange.

But then all of a sudden…, along came social media, and internet directories. Overnight it seemed we had competitors from all angles, claiming to be international…, because they knew someone somewhere around the world through an association, Linkedin, or nowadays… Google.

We needed to take a good look at ourselves, to identify and articulate what set us apart, from what was becoming an increasingly crowded space. And the answer was simple… it was our experience.

You can’t buy 40 years in the game. This has taught us a lot, and made us pretty resilient.

So what came next was the 4 Pillars of GCS, and the GCRP. The 4 Pillars were built around 1: Service, 2: Qualified Boots on the Ground, 3: Technology and 4: Compliance.

The Global Compliance Requirements Program (or GCRP)… another first of its kind, introduced compliance to regions that otherwise have never heard of it, and businesses that traditionally couldn’t afford it.

Around this time I took over as CEO, with my own views on the business, the industry and where things were heading.

As a business model forced to evolve through disruption, whilst we remained profitable…, increasingly we were dealing with conflicting priorities, and operational imperatives.

If we wanted GCS to thrive… not just survive…, we needed to do something different. Having moved with the times, just as we’ve influenced them over the years… now was no different.

We needed to play to our strengths…, own what was ours…, get out of the way in many regards…, and let the GCS community of amazing people do their thing.

On the 6th November 2016 in Singapore, we launched the GCS Credit Community… a game changing move in international credit & collections. A place for smarter working people with an interest in cash flow, credit and collections.

We built an all new, online platform that is dedicated to cash flow, credit & collections. A re-imagined way to connect, network, learn and share. A place with curated content, discussions, Q&A’s, groups, training, events and an open marketplace prioritising the interests of community members.

A place for collection agencies, credit information providers, law firm & mercantile agents… but also CEO’s, CFO’s, Credit Managers, Accountants, Associations, Small Business and Startups.

To see a short video introducing the GCS Credit Community, and how it works for Jack, Jill and Mr. Banks please click here.

We’d love to welcome you into our all new online community, so please don’t be shy.


Sincerely, Adam Wood [CEO]