The convergence of conflicting regulatory environments, the rise of automation and wider digital transformation means credit and collection businesses conducting business across borders are faced with never-before-seen challenges.

Top international thought leaders will assess and discuss these challenges during FENCA’s 25th Anniversary 2018 Congress [October 24-26] and the GCS Credit Community World Conference [October 26-28] at the Hilton Hotel in Strasbourg France.

In cooperation with President Erwin Falkner and the board of FENCA, Adam Wood and the GCS Credit team have aligned their 2018 World Conference to build an event never-before-seen.

Building on each others strengths, this power event welcomes professionals interested in the trends, challenges, technologies and opportunities in today’s modern global economy of credit & collections.

The five-day event features discussion panels, presentations and workshops featuring world-renowned leaders spanning regulators, think tanks, academia and business.



  • Credit & Collections in the Age of Automation
  • Enabling Influences of FinTech and RegTech
  • GDPR fundamentals, enforcement + detailed Q&A
  • EU geopolitics and Brexit ramifications for global trade
  • A Global Standard… the Global Code of Conduct
  • Innovative solutions for GDPR Compliance


Registration Desk Opens

Conference Launch + Cocktail Party 

Keynote Address from VIP 

Wrap up and move to Hilton Hotel Bar 

Welcome Distinguished Guests

Introducing the 2018 GCS Credit Community World Conference
Join us as we take a closer look at the trends, challenges, technologies and opportunities influencing credit & collections, in today’s modern global economy.Around the room brief introductions

9:15am Session
2018 Global Breakdown
Our industry leaders share their views on the burning issues of today.
– FENCA 25th Anniversary Wrap
– The Data / Cyber Revolution #GDPR
– Credit & Collection Trends of 2018

Coffee / Tea Break

10:15am Session
Digital Transformation Trends
– Big Data: Current use cases of location, income, bankruptcy, military service, etc information
– Chat bots: IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) and voice analysis
– Blockchain/DLT: The basics

Coffee / Tea Break

11:15am Session
A Global View of GDPR
– How’s the rest of the world coping?
– Controllers, Processors, SMEs and Sub-Contractors #VicariousLiability
– Frameworks, assessments, procedures, monitoring, reporting, testing.
– UK > EU > US case study of roles and responsibilities.
– Government & industry body support.


1:00pm Session
The Blockchain-GDPR Paradox
– Data Privacy + Pluggable Consensys + Permissioned Networks
– The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance > Consensys, Microsoft, Santander, Accenture +
– Making Blockchain architecture compliant with GDPR

Coffee / Tea Break

2:00pm Session
A Global Code of Conduct > Credit & Collections
– A shared Vision, Mission & Pledge from the Leaders of our industry.
– An internationally cohesive and consistent framework #ThinkGlobalAccounting
– Addressing the vastly different regulatory environments, national priorities and industry expectations around the world.

Coffee / Tea Break

3:00pm Session
Disruptive Tech in Debt Collection and Financial Services: Recent Revolutionary Releases
– Current Practice & the Future Trends – Are we there yet?
– Hyper-disruptive business models changing behavior & evolving expectation:
– Enabling Influences of FinTech, RegTech, cloud Accounting and Automation.
– The evolution and availability of big data > smart data > useful data.
#Startups #BigData #Chatbots #MachineLearning #AI #Blockchain #DLT

Coffee / Tea Break

4:00pm Session
Priorities and Planning > 2030
– Case Studies: Caine & Weiner, and GCS Credit
– Open Member forum, Q&A, brainstorming
– What is our Shared vision, and collective objectives?
– Business Model Canvas Case Study

Close Conference

Wrap Party w/ Canapes & Drinks

Meet in Hilton Hotel Lobby

Depart for Strasbourg Sightseeing & Winery Tour 

Return to Hilton Hotel Bar  



Unfortunately GCS have no more allocation of rooms at the Hilton, however there are many other options in the local area. We suggest you investigate Google & Airbnb for your best  options.


The capital city of the Grand Est region [formerly Alsace] in northeastern France, is also the formal seat of the European Parliament and sits near the German border. With culture and architecture blending German and French influences, its Gothic Cathédrale Notre-Dame features daily shows from its astronomical clock and sweeping views of the Rhine River.


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2018 World Conference

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FENCA, the Federation of European National Collection Associations, represents the interests of the European credit management, debt collection and debt purchase sector on the European level, coordinating the exchange with the institutions of the European Union, stakeholders in the European financial services industry, consumer groups and the European public.

Founded in 1993, FENCA’s 23 national member associations represent 75% of all credit management, debt collection and debt purchase companies in Europe and hold 80% of the market share within the EU, with well over 80,000 staff providing services for more than five million businesses, including SMEs, European and overseas banks, as well as the public sector across the EU.

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October 26, 2018 - October 28, 2018