An important part of the international credit and collection landscape is debt purchase. GCS Credit, through some of its more experienced Community Members are well versed and educated on debt purchasing. Thorough processes and price assessments are influenced by recent trends, developments, as well as historical experience, all critical factors in determining the value of a portfolio. The main goal of any debt acquisition is to make sure every aspect is supported by analytical underpinning. Community Members have the experience and expertise to assist when it comes to debt portfolio purchases.


We understand the crucial timeline aspects when purchasing debt. With growing competition, the amount of time a purchaser has to evaluate, price and purchase debt decreases every day. Its important to have a debt purchaser that is able to respond quickly and work to strict timelines. Members have the human and technology resources that are necessary to respond to demanding requirements, and can work within these timelines while covering even the most complex debt acquisition opportunity.


Once the purchasing process is complete, members will asses the portfolio and develop a strategy in consultation with the seller towards the priorities and required actions of collecting the debt. Members will then fine-tune future debt collection efforts by using findings, results and trends to develop a comprehensive and effective strategy.


GCS members share a wide range of experience in the acquisition of debt, having handled cases for small commercial accounts all the way through major consumer portfolios, highlighting their expertise no matter how big or small the portfolio. GCS Credit has the experience and expertise to rid your business of non-performing debtor ledger assets.


Ridding yourself of these non-performing debtor ledger assets is crucial for a business, as it will allow for increased cash flow. Steady cash flow is extremely important to any business, as it allows you to keep your operations running and efficient. If you have non-performing debt on your ledgers it represents money that is not doing anything for you. Instead of allowing this debt to grow and age, talk to GCS Credit about developing a strategy that meets your needs.


If your accounts receivable ledger is riddled with aging debt that is not being paid, the GCS Credit Community may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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