For more than forty years GCS has been a leader in the international debt recovery. GCS members offer specialist credit and risk management services that help businesses around the world keep their cash flow steady. Our specialty is international debt collection and we have more than 100 offices in 90 countries around the world. GCS has the global debt collection team in place to collect your debts while working within the local laws and culture.

GCS collections has risen to the top of the debt collection field by using an experienced and well-trained debt collection staff with a proven track record of successful commercial and consumer debt recovery. GCS has the international tools and resources to track and trace your debtors and collect the money you are owed.

Regardless of how large the debt is GCS is adept at handling all types of international debt collection, from small individual debts to high volume debt recovery cases. Our professional debt collection team has both the experience and expertise to provide debt collection that is tailored to the country in which they are working. GCS understands how difficult it can be to recover a debt when there are barriers in language, culture and law, which is why our debt collection is always customised to each country. Our expert staff will handle the negotiations so you won’t have to worry about these issues.

Our international debt collections department staff is specifically trained and well placed to deal with the complex matters that often arrive when dealing with foreign jurisdictions, languages, cultures, customs and laws.  We are not only experts in dealing with these issues, but also the time zone differences that arrive when people are trying to negotiate settlements in different parts of the world.

The main goal of our debt collections team is to establish the circumstances and details of problem debts. We then develop a strategy that will maximise your company’s cash flow by securing the payment of outstanding debts and accounts receivable payments. Your business cannot operate if it does not have the cash flow that it needs, which is why GCS is dedicated to ensuring that your outstanding accounts receivable payments are paid on time.

GCS also goes to great lengths to ensure that your clients are treated with professionalism and sensitivity. GCS understands the importance of not alienating your customers during the collection process, which is why we always conduct all collections in a professional, ethical and legal manner. We work hand in hand with the financial services authorities and regulatory bodies to ensure that we are always compliant with local laws and that all sensitive data is kept secure.

Your business cannot afford to wait around for delinquent debts to be paid, as it could negatively affects your cash flow and operations. Global Credit Solutions has the international team in place to help you collect the debts you are owed. GCS will handle all of the stress and hassle of collecting your international debts and we will do it in a timely and professional manner.


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