GCS understand accounts receivable management is a time consuming and complicated component of running a business, and one of the most important. If your accounts receivables aren’t paid on time every time, your business may not have the cash flow necessary to maintain efficient operations. GCS is a global leader in accounts receivable and debt management standards, and its open and compliant member network in over 100 countries can take the pain and complexity out of managing your accounts receivables needs.


GCS members are qualified and dedicated to assisting businesses manage local and overseas account receivables management needs. GCS members are highly trained, professional and motivated individuals. Professionals aware of and who comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements, will take a company or individual’s personal circumstances into account while negotiating settlements and payments that are optimal for both parties.


Effective accounts receivable standards speed up the payment process, increases cash flow and provide greater growth opportunities. Some of these standards and techniques include:


• Interactive work paths and letter design
• Distinctive and targeted lettering
• Predictive outbound dialing for certain account types
• Call blending to ensure maximum inbound pickups
• Field calls where appropriate
• Litigation without loss of cash flow


These innovative debt management techniques help maximize performance of accounts receivables across management divisions.


GCS members accounts receivables solutions are designed to engage with your customers, not alienate them, which is why they always approach the situation with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity. GCS members will work hard to come to a resolution that will get you paid, while maintaining a positive and amicable working relationship with your customers. We believe that a “win-win” scenario is the best possible outcome to any debt collection situation, as it will allow you to maintain friendly working relationships with your customers.


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Accounts receivables management doesn’t have to be a big hassle and expense for you company. With GCS accounts receivables management solutions you can mitigate risks, maximise profit and improve cash flow for your business.


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