Every time a business hires a new employee they are taking on a certain amount of risk. After all, employees often have access to sensitive information and finances that could prove to be a liability if the person is dishonest or careless. This is why companies are increasingly turning to pre-employment credit and background checks to get a better understanding of just who they are hiring. By verifying background information and doing credit checks, you can make smarter decisions during your hiring process.


GCS understands the need for employee background checks, which is why we offer specialized background screening services that will assist in your pre-employment screening. If there is important financial or background information about a prospective employee it is better to know about it before you hire them.


This pre-employment screening is even more vital at a senior level where it is normal for directors to undergo intensive background checks. GCS can help you determine an individual’s business history before you employee them as a senior level employee in your company. Since these people often have a high level of financial access and responsibility it is crucial for your business to know what they are getting when they hire senior staff.


Our BSS (background screening services) will work on your behalf to gather extensive information about the backgrounds of potential employees and directors. Our reports will reveal the individual’s entire network and all of the companies they are currently associated with, or have been associated with in the past. This gives you a comprehensive understanding of the business history of an individual before you hand them a large amount of financial responsibility. If an individual has acted dishonestly or even illegally in the past, you need to know this information to prevent the same thing from happening to your business.


GCS is one of the leaders in pre-employment screening services, which is why we should be your go-to source when it comes to employment background checks and background screening services. We can offer a range of solutions that are completely tailored to your business and flexible enough to provide the precise information you need to make smart choices in your hiring process.


Our solutions enable both SME’s and large corporations to fully comply with current employment regulations, which will also help safeguard the business from potential problems in the future. GCS’ directors information searches can even greatly reduce the costs that are associated with the recruitment and hiring process.

This will help your business to streamline its hiring process, which will save you time and money.


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