Consumer credit reports are an important part of reducing risk in business. Corporate theft and fraud is at an all time high, which is why businesses must be very careful about the employees they hire. The best way to ensure that your potential employees have a solid background and history is by doing consumer credit reports.  It has increasingly become the policy of companies to do background and credit checks on their prospective employees as part of the pre-employment screening process.


Global Credit Solutions can help the pre-employment screening process by providing detailed information on a potential employees financial background. This process might seem unnecessary, but when you consider how much financial power some individuals have in an organization, it is vital to know that they are honest and financially sound. This is particularly true if the job is a senior level position, which requires a high level of due diligence or financial responsibility within the organization.


GCS has the international team and resources to do intricate background and financial checks that will help you make informed decisions about the people you hire. We have access to an array of databases, where we can gather a wealth of relevant information about individuals as well as their credit history. If a prospective employee has a checkered past, this is something that you need to know, as it could factor heavily in your final choice of who to hire.


Because GCS operates in more than 90 countries around the world, consumer credit reports may or may not be available in all jurisdictions. We operate fully within the laws, culture and customs of the countries we work in, which can sometimes limit the amount of information we can gather. However, GCS endeavors to provide the most detailed reports possible within the jurisdiction.


Since every country has varying standards when it comes to consumer credit reports, the information at our disposal will fluctuate significantly. We are committed to offering our clients the most accurate and efficient consumer credit reports. As one of the leaders in the consumer credit report industry, GCS is dedicated to helping your reduce risk with detailed reports about your potential employees.


It is no longer enough to simply take someone’s word, as your business will be opened up to a world of risk if you make the wrong hire. This is particularly true of jobs where the individual will have large financial responsibilities. With GCS you do not have to rely on rumor, instinct and promises, but will get solid factual information that will help you make sound decisions.


If you have any questions about consumer credit reports or any of the other risk management tools GCS offers, you can contact us via phone or email and we will be happy to answer them. If you would like to get a free quote you simply need to click on the “Request a free quote today” button at the bottom of the page. GCS has the tools and resources to help minimize risk in your hiring procedures.


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