One of the biggest risks in business involves offering credit in the form of extending loans to businesses, purchasing businesses and shipping goods to businesses on credit. Global Credit Solutions can help minimize this risk by providing comprehensive commercial credit reports that will help you make more informed decisions about credit. Our commercials credit reports provide detailed information on the maintenance of credit histories and the risks for commercial companies. We have a genuine global credit facility with access to more than 192 countries in one convenient site.


GCS has the ability to generate commercial credit reports in a matter of seconds without any human intervention. These reports can usually be obtained anonymously without the business owner’s knowledge. GCS will give you all of the information you need such as director’s and shareholder’s data, financials, mercantile trade information and corporate background and credit ratings, which will help you make confident, informed decisions about potential business partners and customers.


GCS can also provide KYC (know your customer) Commercial Credit Reports, which are made up of a selection of company credit reports on your customer. We will do global due diligence with a scan of over three hundred sanctions lists. This includes a check on Politically Exposed Persons (PEP’s) and individuals that represent a heightened risk. This way you will know who you are getting into business with before you take on any risk.


These company credit checks are of utmost importance, as they ensure compliance with most terrorists financing regulations and anti-money laundering criteria around the world. Your business could be help responsible if you do business with someone that is on one of these lists, which is why it is so vital to do due diligence on all of your potential customers and business partners.


GCS will then use these credit checks to asses risk and provide an analysis of the risk involved with things such as insuring businesses, extending loans to businesses, purchasing businesses, underwriting insurance risk, investing in businesses and most of all in shipping goods to business on credit terms. GCS will minimize the risk involved with extending credit.


As this commercial credit report information is accumulated and evaluated over time GCS can identify trends in tracking the cash flow of a business. This makes it easy to quickly identify companies unable to cover the cash needed to pay their creditors. Instead of just taking a risk and rolling the dice with customers you will get solid information that will aid your business to make sound decisions.


GCS commercial credit reports will help to minimize some of the risk involved with doing business. If you have any questions about our global commercial credit reports or any of our other risk management solutions you can contact us by email or phone. If you would like a free quote simply click on the “Request a free quote today” button at the bottom of the page. Global Credit Solutions has the international tools and resources to ensure that your business makes smart decisions that will reduce your risk.


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