GRCQ 2016

Compliance standards vary from country to country, set by domestic government policy & industry demand. Accordingly, expectations in developed economies are far more demanding requiring a stated and proven compliance regime. To overcome the challenges of different regimes, in 2011 the “Global Compliance Requirements Program”, or GCRP was born.


Five years later, and after significant contribution from leading industry figures the GCRP has evolved, changed names and is today re born the GRCQ 2016 Standard.  With renewed vigor the GRCQ 2016 specifies requirements for a new governance, risk, compliance and quality management standard for businesses and firms who:


  1. Are dedicated to continuous improvement.

  2. Need a centralized, automated and cloud based solution to fast moving and evolving compliance requirements.

  3. Want to visually demonstrate their commitment to compliance & service standards, statutory & regulatory requirements.

  4. Are interested in relevant training and education support for staff and stakeholders.

  5. Thrive on staying ahead of the curve to improve performance and profitability.


All the requirements of GRCQ 2016 are generic and intended to be particularly applicable to businesses in the credit, collection & risk management industries, regardless of size.


Further, GRCQ 2016 recognizes the already leading global compliance standards, including SSAE16, ISAE3402, ISO, JAS-ANZ, PPMS, and those Premium Gold Members who embrace such best practice standards.


Supported and endorsed by GCS Credit, the GRCQ 2016 Standard provides Premium Members, and their clients a level of transparency around compliance not seen before in the credit and collection industry.


At a minimum GCS Credit Premium Members around the world meet local compliance, statutory and regulatory requirement. Internationally they support the ideals of the GRCQ 2016 standard. This comprehensive global standard is designed to address areas of vulnerability and risk, and create a series of minimum standards, including:

  1. Data Protection & Information Security

  2. Business Continuity

  3. Financial Probity

  4. Treating Customers Fairly

  5. Risk & Change Management

Accordingly, GCS Credit Community Premium Members are recognized as follows:

  1. Member: Gold   (SSAE16 / ISAE3402 / ISO / PPMS / JAS-ANZ / … )

  2. Member: Silver   (Insured)

  3. Member: Bronze   (Uninsured)

  4. Member: Accredited   (Service Level Agreement)

  5. Member: Creditor   (Service Level Agreement)

  6. Member: Associate   (Service Level Agreement)

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Gold, Silver and Bronze Membership is reserved for those members with a proven commitment to and independent certification of best practice governance, risk, compliance and quality standards, in accordance with the GRCQ 2016 Standard by Certified By.