Global Credit Solutions

The biggest threat to cash flow comes from outstanding debt, as a business cannot function if its customers do not pay the money they owe. If you are having problems collecting debt from your customers, then Global Credit Solutions can help.

  • Commercial Debt Collection
  • Background Screening
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Proven Due Diligence


Enable the early identification of potential bad debts.

Information Services

GCS credit has a number of information services that will provide you with the necessary intelligence to make smart choices when it comes to customers, business partners and suppliers. With corporate theft and fraud at an all time high, it has never been more important to take measures to ensure you have minimized your risk.

Credit Reports

Get vital credit information about your business partners, customers and potential employees.

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Business Information

Get all of the information you need to make smart choices about vendors and potential business partners.

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Director Information

GCS can provide complete background checks for the people you’re considering for high level positions.

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If your debtors are evading you or you need help increasing your cash flow, GCS has the solution.

Receivables Services

GCS offer a wide array of accounts receivable management services that can help your business find solutions to its debt problems. We can help with everything from debt collection to debt portfolio purchase. Here is some additional information about the accounts receivable management solutions GCS can provide.

Debt Purchase Solutions

GCS members ensure that all debt purchasing activities are analytically underpinned and supported. GCS members have the human and tech resources to evaluate, price, purchase and / or service debt within even the most demanding timetables.

Accounts Receivable

We have a professional, well-trained team of accounts receivable experts and a highly motivated team of telephone collectors that are able to negotiate the best possible settlements and payments from your debtors.

Debt Collection

We offer commercial debt collection and consumer debt collection for international businesses around the world. We have a strong record of successful consumer and commercial debt recovery.


We have an array of debt collection services that will keep your cash flow steady.

Tracing & Location

Businesses are put at great risk when they have debtors that do not pay their debts. Having unpaid debts in your accounts receivable ledger can limit your cash flow, thus making it difficult for your business to operate efficiently. However, collecting debts can be a complex and difficult process that can cost your business a lot of time and money.

Skip Tracing

We can track down debtors that have skipped out on payments.

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Debtor Location

Find out where your debtors and delinquent customers are located.

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Asset Tracing & Recovery

GCS are experts in tracing and recovering lost assets, even from other countries.

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