Why GCS… Why now? 

Because a free global community, and social network dedicated to cash flow, credit & collections is long overdue!

Connecting the World of Cashflow, Credit and Collections
  • A re-imagined way to connect, network, learn and share.
  • An inclusive (and free) social network for our industry.
  • A place for smarter working people with an eye on credit & collections.
  • Connecting creditors, collectors, law firms and credit service providers.
GCS Credit members page


The Business Exchange Network – Immediate and secure access to qualified credit and collection service providers in over 100 countries.

GCS Credit Community Premium Members provide a range of credit, debt collection and legal services. With boots on the ground and a local understanding of culture & customs, they help businesses with local and international needs.

  • Credit Information
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Debt Collection & Purchase
  • Litigation & Legal
  • Tracing & Location
  • Consulting & Advisory


Enable the early identification and handling of potential bad debts.


Its all about Choice.


Creditors want choice of service provider. The best candidate for the job, on terms suitable to both parties. Transparent compliance and performance standards, driven by the community and marketplace members ensure accountability and a clear commitment to performance.

Small & Medium Agencies

Small & medium size agencies and firms want the choice, and ability to play among the “big boys”. Particularly when they can demonstrate their awareness of and commitment to best practice governance, risk, compliance and quality management in an all new and simple way, as a Premium Member of the GCS Credit Community.

The Big Boys (& Girls)

Leading national and international agencies, associations, networks and groups are in need of a better way to manage 3rd party vendor on-boarding and compliance, and the GCS Credit Community provides just that. API integrate and directly engage, securely with GCS Credit Community Premium Members in over 100 countries.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

The GCS Proposal Committee will review all requests & respond accordingly.


With qualified, competent and committed credit & collection professionals.